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Haloblk Floor Mat For Tesla Model S 2021+

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Model S Floor Mat Model S Floor Mat

Custom Fit Floor Mats for Tesla Model S

Tailored to fit Tesla Model S perfectly, providing comprehensive protection for your vehicle’s interior, ensuring driving safety and cleanliness.

Made from Eco-friendly Materials

Non-toxic and odorless, waterproof and dustproof, wear-resistant and non-slip, ensuring the air quality inside the car and long service life.

Blocks Stains and Spills

Designed to trap dirt, liquids, and debris, these floor mats prevent mess from reaching your car's carpet. Keep your vehicle interior pristine and make cleaning a breeze.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

The floor mats are waterproof and dustproof, highly resistant to dirt. Easy daily maintenance, just rinse with water to get them clean as new, saving your precious time.

Dual-Layer Floor Mats with Carpet Surface

Featuring an innovative dual-layer design, these floor mats include a durable base layer and a plush carpet top layer. The base layer provides robust protection against dirt and moisture, while the carpet top layer delivers added comfort and luxury to your driving experience. The two layers are seamlessly attached, ensuring no movement or misalignment, and making it easy to clean and maintain.

7mm Carpet Surface with Anti-Slip Design

 Featuring a plush 7mm carpet surface for added comfort and strategically placed anti-slip zones to ensure stability and safety.

Convenient Button and Pull Strap Design

Button design for secure fastening and a pull strap for easy installation and cleaning, ensuring maximum convenience and practicality.

Designed for 2021-2024 Tesla Model S

Specifically engineered to fit all 2021-2024 Tesla Model S models, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal protection for your vehicle's interior.